The art, science and philosophy of things natural; a system of adjusting the individual segments of the spinal column by hand only for the correction of the cause of dis-ease.

Consultation:  Consultations are always free.  Call us anytime to schedule.  We will gather your health history, determine your goals, and educate you on the unique benefits of Chiropractic free of charge.

Examination/X-ray:  Our health evaluation includes a comprehensive combination of chiropractic, neurological, and orthopedic assessments to reveal the true nature of any limitations you may have.  Your history and physical exam will determine the necessity of spinal x-ray studies, which we offer on site.

Adjustment:  Hands-on, healing, safe and effective subluxation (nerve system interference) correction methods that are specific to your needs.  Correction of subluxations allow for the release of the body’s natural healing abilities.  We also offer “non-force” techniques (see Torque Release Technique®).

Alki Wellness is a contemporary Chiropractic and Wellness clinic specializing in the restoration of health and vitality, naturally.

“I have dedicated my life to providing outstanding Chiropractic care to my community.  I help sick people get well and offer ongoing assistance that keeps them well.  I provide relief care to help people get out of pain quickly.  Pain is upsetting and chronic illness is demoralizing.  Emotion is always going to be part of the equation.  My 15 years of experience has provided me with the expertise and compassion to support people during the healing process.

Success is seen in expectant mothers having more comfortable deliveries, babies regaining normal bowel function, retirees recovering from seemingly permanent years old ailments, a surfer getting back into the water, or a rugby player back on the pitch faster when they thought their season was over.  Under our care, you will achieve lasting results without the use of drugs or surgery.

It is the highest honor to be chosen a Chiropractor and I view the trust my patients have in me as a privilege.”

-Dr. Marc Grandle, D.C.